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.NET & .NET core Concept’s -With Complete Walk through :- Part 1

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This blog series will be a series of post for interested learners !! 😍 who are eager to learn about .net framework concept and 👨🏻‍💻 👩🏻‍💻 lets their hand dirty while developing some web APIs in .net core framework.

Let me take you to dive in an ocean of Microsoft developed and now an Open source .NET Framework :-

OK !! So First things first Do I need any prerequisite for the going further on this blog ??
Not really much, Some amount of Programming Knowledge will be preferred in any OOPs language is enough.
So let’s boot up and walk through the roadmap.

→ Blog 1 : .NET framework and .net core Concept
→ Blog 2 : Walk through to with Visual Studio 2019 and C# Programming Language Concept
Blog 3 : Some Basic Concept of SQL and Creating local Instance with MS SQL Server 2019 and CRUD Concept for Developing WEB API’s
→ Blog 4: Developing CRUD Web APIs in .NET Core with Local SQL DB Instance
Blog 5: Getting started with LINQ Query.

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Better to start with understanding concept of .NET & .Net core framework

The Buzz for .Net Framework is not recent it was since 2000 Microsoft released its initial version and it has been gone with multiple up-gradation till date. Earlier .NET framework was developed with focus to create Windows Application but latter with the time and demand it was adopted the changes and updates in case to be used to develop and run WEB applications too on cross platform basis.

.NET Framework implementations can be listed as below :
NET Framework for running websites, services, desktop apps, and on Windows. [Little bit of Introduction (No code implementation)]
.NET Core is a cross-platform implementation used for running websites, services, and console apps on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Xamarin/Mono is used for running apps on all the major mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android. [Out of scope for this blog]

OK !! So we got some insight of uses and different types of Implementation of .net framework. Right !! Let’s move forward…

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Are you getting confused with .net and .net core ??? 🤨

OK let’s break the bubble with some concept clear…

Difference between .NET and .NET Core framework :-

→ Open source access :
> .net core is fully open source where as .net framework is not fully open source yes!! certain components are made open source.
→ Cross Platform capability :
> .net core can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS as it is cross-platform. It works on concept called as “Build Once Run Anywhere”. Where as, .NET framework is compatible with windows OS mostly. Some support development is their to make it cross platform.
→ Development nature :
> .Net Core supports the development and implementation of micro-services and the user has to create a REST API for its implementation mostly focuses on the web, windows mobile, and windows store. where as, .NET framework does not support the development and implementation of micro services but it supports the REST API services focused on desktop applications and web application as well.

For .NET framework programming language we use is basically C#, F# and Visual Basic .

For our forthcoming blog, we will be using C# for understanding the .NET framework. More specifically is the .NET core for the development of WEB APIs and later the microservices too.
That’s all for this blog will continue with the next blog by very next week too.

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